Little Princess

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Package Includes:

10x Stools
2x Trestle tables
1x Magenta table cloth
1x Light pink table runner
10x Plastic cups
10x Straws
10x Small plates
10x Large plates

1x Length of pink rose garland
1x Satin white cushion with tassels
1x Pink stand for cushion
4x Princess figurines
1x Silver bird cage with butterfiles
1x Glass slipper with butterfly
1x Tiara for Birthday Girl
1x Wand for Birthday Girl
4x Velcro hanging decorations
1x large paper decoration
2x Princess themed balloons
8x Assorted coloured balloons

1x Balloon pump
1x Princess Tulle skirt for stool
(For Birthday Girl)

Items in bold are non returnable.
*Please note: Some items may vary subject to availability.


$150 for 10 Children

$5 per Extra Child
(Includes stool, plate, drink cup, straw) Contact us for parties of more than 14 children.

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